We are an independant horse rug company base in Hertfordshire.  I believe we sell the best quality rugs for the most affordable price!  We have a great list of satified customers including Olympic Riders! 

We set our standards very high to make sure that your horse or pony recieves the Best rug we can possibly provide.  Working at different event we have been able to breach out to people we may not have! 

Creating new lines that have never been seen before in the UK! we may not be the largest equine company but we are determined to be the most comfortable!! 

Our Model: 

Tex is our current equine model who loves to pull his classic donkey face, one ear forward and one ear back! He is a beautiful america quater horse and has live with us now for 7 years.  He is 10 years old, 15.2hh and slightly chunkey and has his girls to take care of in his field.  Dont be fooled by his lovely innocent face, he is a beast at time! Never far from adventure and making mischeif!  

It is my love of horses and connection with them that makes me want to creat the perfect horse rug!!